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Sunday, 29 November 2009 09:34

Stock-breeding and especially that of the Lipizzan horses has a tradition in our country, the stud farm from Fagaras (Sambata de Jos), founded in 1874 established the genetic basis of this species in Romania, and through the persistent breeding and improvement it did not only keep the qualities of it, but it also contributed to its bettering. It is essential to mention that one of the 8 basic lines was founded by the Incitato stallion, born in Beclean in 1810.

The Lipizzaner stallions of public leap , being located mostly in the rangy region of Transylvania, have contributed to the improvement of the population of heavy carriage horses of this region, creating real populations of Lipizzaners, especially in Covasna, Harghita, Brasov, Mures, Alba counties. It is also worth mentioning that 100 years ago, in 1891 the Stock ff stallions from Sfantu Gheorghe, at the three subassemblies of it: Sf. Gheorghe, Homorod and Dej had 109 stations of leaping and owned 314 stallions, the majority of which were Lipizzaners.


The value of the horses bred in Sambata de Jos is appreciated and acknowledged even abroad, some of them achieving high performance, especially in carriage driving. Thus two Maestozo mares have won the World Championship of carriage driving three times, and there are several horses racing in the national championships of different countries and world championships of two-horse and four-horse carriage driving.


After the nationalization in 1948, in the communist era privately owned stock-breeding completely ceased, the stud farms in private ownership were nationalized and finally, liquidated. Till the year 1990 stock-breeding was state-owned, their breeding was restricted exclusively to the state studs. After the change of regime a substantial number of horses got to private owners, who started a devoted and enthusiastic work of their breeding. Nevertheless, there wasn’t a proper organizational background for it, which would have dealt with the special problems of breeding, as a register of the stock and that of the breeders, registration in the Genealogical Register, recording of the leapings and foalings, identification and registering of the new-born foals, branding etc. This situation led to the idea of establishing the Association of Private Breeders of the Lipizzaner from Romania, which was meant to solve the breeding problems, taking as example the Association of Stock- Breeders from the European Union. The association was officially founded on January 23, 2003.


At the present the association gathers all the private breeders of Lipizzaners from Romania, individuals, as well as legal entities ( 92), it passed the Breeding Statutes, according to the regulations and statutes of the LIF, and it works as a stud farm with a data base including:

  • Register of the mares, including 230 mares ( pedigree with 5 generations, morphological data, leapings, foalings etc)
  • Register of the sires, 140 stallions (pedigree with 5 generations, leapings and descendants)
  • Register of the foals born annually, registered and branded.

We succeeded in editing the Stud-book of the association that contains the data of the stock on December 31, 2004, and it was submitted to the LIF to be verified. We acknowledged that there were problems of origin at certain families of mothers, verified and included the corrections in a new Register B.

From 2007 we have been members of the LIF with full rights.



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